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Politics, government, and men and women of knowledge.

Knowledge is power — or so the saying goes. So why is it that many people in government are such ignoramuses?

Hehe, FF, don’t be stupid … Power is about money, tax havens, tax evasion, in other words the golden rule: those that have the gold make the rules.

Politics is also the art of what is possible, of the end justifying the means (salute Machiavelli!), dog whistles and the like. Corruption and whatever-gates. You get my drift 😉

All the same, there are times in which a flicker of light makes me think that some level of change is possible. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, born and bred into politics and power, gave politicians of every persuasion and from everywhere in the world a master class on how it is possible to understand how things work and not slip into waffle (Malcolm Turnbull, take note).

Last Friday April 15 2016, Justin Trudeau announced a government investment of $50 million over five years, at the Perimeter Institute in Ontario. In a tongue-in-cheek manner, a reporter asked him to explain quantum computing. The PM didn’t hesitate to answer and received a standing ovation from the public.

‘So what?’ I hear you say. ‘I could do that myself … What’s so special about Justin Trudeau anyway?’

Everything: his background, his politics, his compassionate approach to the refugee issue, his feminism (50% of his cabinet is female), his family, even his suits and his smile. Most importantly, for those of us who appreciate intelligence in its different manifestations, Justin Trudeau seems to be the typical PM who can listen to a brief, understand it, draw his own conclusions and re-transmit the information. 

Beyond the anecdote and the soundbites, Justin Trudeau has given us voters a very good reason to expect politicians to lift their game (Bill Shorten, you got the memo?) regardless of their political persuasion. And don’t get me started on climate change denialists, conspiracy theorists, delusional zealots and the like.