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Those so-called “lightbulb moments”…

shutterstock_115864711They can happen anywhere, anytime and for me—lately at least—on the cross-trainer, while walking or in the RIP60 class. The only problem is how to ‘bookmark’ the idea and bring it back to memory later.

Norman Doidge, in his excellent book The Brain That Changes Itself, gives us the scientific background in words that the lay public can understand:

Physical activity is helpful not only because it creates new neurons but because the mind is based in the brain, and the brain needs oxygen. Walking, cycling or cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and the blood vessels that supply the brain and helps people who engage in these activities feel mentally sharper—as pointed out by the Roman philosopher Seneca two thousand years ago.

As it turns out, Seneca nailed it. So did Norman Doidge. The gist of his research is a bit impenetrable to me, but I’m not a neuroscientist. Got to leave you now. Must go for a walk. Catchya later.


Artwork by Brian A. Jackson. Source: Shutterstock